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'natural ghost' - Lance Rautzhan


Natural Ghost

Lance Rautzhan

"Grasping a pot of paint and a stick-extended brush in hand, The Artist trudges up the hill nearly every day, over the span of a year, in order to confront the specter. In the summer he must tangle with full foliage and dense undergrowth to reach his mark. By winter, the gentle slope has transformed into a treacherous traverse of ice and snow. Either way, these deterrents generated by the seasonal cycle of life and death only serve as fickle elements of process—intermittent problems to be overcome, resolved.

The grey ghost rises from the treeline, as if excavated from the landscape itself, and smiles its broad massive head toward the heavens, scanning the skies for the pulses and waves that at one time provided a purpose. Years, perhaps decades, have passed since the last signal was sent. Despite this lapse, the stolid sentinel maintains an atavistic stance, as if to defy its inherent obsolescence.

Each visit by The Artist is enacted ritually. Each mark is made with reverence. With each occasion, the application of words written in white further obscures this technological totem, blurring the boundaries of the ghost and its environs. Slowly over time, its face grows pallid and wan, this once proud form dissipating into a phantasmal mist." excerpt from zine essay by Brian C. Balderston

100lb paper cover
28lb paper pages
5.5" x 8.5" laser printed
40 pages, stapled
published by bluetan
signed and numbered edition of 40
published August 2015